Saint Lucy celebration

Saint Lucia (one of the most popular saints of the world) was born, and was martyred in Syracuse. And is the patron saint of the city. His body is located in Venice in the church of St. Jeremiah, near the Santa Lucia train station.

The main festival takes place on December 13 with a long procession (among the most crowded in the world) that translates the imposing statue of silver from the cathedral to the Basilica of St. Lucia. December 20 (the eighth day) is repeated the procession and the shift in the opposite direction. Characteristic the fireworks to step on the Umberto I bridge.

Photo Gallery

 FSL_Lucie_svedesi FSL_Fuochi FSL_Piazza_Duomo FSL_Lucie_svedesi1 FSL_Lucie_svedesi2 FSL_Foro_Italico FSL_Fuochi1 Una-Siracusa-in-festa-accoglie-le-reliquie-della-patrona-Santa-Lucia

La tua casa vacanze a due passi dallo splendido mare di Fontane Bianche